Building Resilience With An Intentional Daily Routine

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Align Your Mind, Body & Consciousness

Building Resilience with an Intentional Daily is an Individualized Embodiment Process that will allow you space to observe, understand and reclaim your power to promote a conscious response to everyday life challenges and stressors.

First, Give Yourself Permission!

While you become aware of your own approach to self-care, remember the fundamental truth that you are TOP PRIORITY! Give yourself permission to explore areas of self-care and experiment with what fills you up and leaves you renewed.

Self care and resilience

The tie between self-care and resilience is that through the regular and effective practice of caring for yourself, you are giving yourself resources to manage stress. We all probably can think of friends or loved ones who deal with stress.

Kimberly Joyce, PTA &Holistic Lifestyle Personal Trainer

Kimberly Joyce is a Physical Therapist Assistant, Holistic Lifestyle Personal Trainer and the founder of   She received her Kinesiology, Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in nutrition, fitness, and health through San Diego State University. She utilizes a holistic approach and comprehensive method to empower others with self-care to complement their health care. Her passion grows out of her own life-long journey of personal growth. her interest in the neuroscience of human consciousness, professional experiences and her success in creating an intentional lifestyle for herself. 

Building Resilience

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