Are you experiencing Unhappiness or Resistance? Stop Resisting Change.

First, there’s a feeling of unhappiness. You feel a lack of energy and motivation. A low-grade misery pervades every aspect of your life. You’re bored, you’re restless. You are negative and pessimistic. There’s guilt but you can’t put your finger on the source. You want to go back to bed. You feel unloved. You hate your life. Unalleviated, your resistance grows. Ever hear the saying, “What you resist persists?” Your resistance to change your habits thought patterns and daily routine mounts to self-abuse, lack of self-respect and you begin to suppress your feelings and emotions. 

You check out using unhealthy ways to cope with your life. Beyond that, is depression, aggression, and dysfunction. Sometimes resistance involves self-destruction to drugs, shopping, masturbation, TV, gossip, alcohol, and the consumption of all products containing fat, sugar, salt, or chocolate. A compulsion to self-destruct creating soap opera in our lives is a symptom of resistance to change. Does that sound like your life? It isn’t. It’s resistance to change. 

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