What is the Ultimate Goal? Sleep, Eat, Move, Motivate, Empower! Repeat.

My ultimate goal through Core Catalyst is to redirect daily routine on a path toward self-awareness and to empower you to create healthy dietary and exercise habits, shift negative thought patterns, develop emotional agility and resilience. As a catalyst to transform yourself and your life, learning simple, easy to implement healthy food choices and exercises to serve as a bridge to enter states of self-actualization. 

My support program begins its focus with the awakening of the senses and leads into an exploration of emotions, feelings, beliefs and the reality behind daily experiences and your reality as you are living it. There are many ways to expand awareness and I offer a collection of services to support you along the journey. Being vulnerable and trusting yourself is essential on this journey. 

As a result of this daily routine and inward journey through the breath, senses, and body you will begin to see the possibilities life has to offer you. You will learn to be aware of the mind, body, and senses. You will learn personal boundaries to reconnect with yourself and connect to what makes your life meaningful and garner your resilience, self-esteem, and confidence to live authentically. 

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