The Breath, Subconscious Mind & an Intentional Healthy Lifestyle

Didn't manage to catch the webinar on Saturday, July 25th: The Breath, Subconscious Mind & an Intentional Healthy Lifestyle.

Fear not! You can watch the replay of it below for Free. 

Would you like to dive deeper into understanding how we are designed and why it is challenging to shift out of autopilot and reaction mode? Remember it’s a process, change takes time, be patient.  Check out the offer to receive access to 21 influential interviews with Doctors, Therapist, Transformational Leaders and Authors from taking a journey within:  Confidently step into whom you are meant to be through self-awareness self- acceptance and self-love.

Receive access to 21 Influential Interviews for only $39.99

The 21-empowering interviews will provide you with insight, inspiration and self-care tools from experts expand you understanding of Science and Ancient Wisdom to expand your awareness by opening your mind to Ayurveda, Pragmatic Psychology,  Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, the Mammalian brain and more...

  • Learn how your beliefs impact your life

  • Journey through self-acceptance and the importance of self-forgiveness & self-compassion 

  • Become more courageous and confident by shifting your mindset and beliefs

  • Begin the process of rewiring your brain by changing negative patterns to create healthy habits

  • Why is “the pause” important…? 

  • Learn about  innovative practical science-based tools and training programs you can quickly implement to turn obstacles into opportunities

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