It takes courage and confidence to create change.  Mindfulness is a pattern interrupt.  Be courageous and confident, don’t avoid, open with loving self-acceptance.  

When your nervous systems exist in a chronic state of high alert, hyper-vigilant, increasingly unable to relax having a daily routine offers the grounding, stability, and predictability that are largely absent from our hectic modern lives/years of abuse.  The routine itself creates a number of familiar and courting reference points through each day that sends a resounding affirmation to the deep tissues of the body that all is well, that we can be at ease.  And so when the body becomes accustomed to and learns to count on a daily routine that includes things like adequate rest, appropriate exercise, and nourishing spiritual practice the nervous can finally begin to relax.  As a result, a daily routine can elicit refund rejuvenation through the body without requiring any conscious awareness of the healing process. 

But adopting a daily routine is also a very purposeful and enduring act of self-love.  Each day our routines provide us with a tangible opportunity to prioritize your own health and well being regardless of what else might e going on in your life.  You quickly become poignant reminders that you in fact worthy of a healthy dose of loving attention every single day.  The cumulative effect of caring for yourself in this way is quite powerful.  And for many, committing to daily routine results in a greatly improved sense of wellness in a very short period of time. 

 To implement real change, habits need to be hardwired so that they are automatic sustained practice, repetition, new functional movement or muscle memory

A study done at the University College London reported it takes 66 days to create a new habit but it also ranges from 18 to 254 days or 9 months to reach 95% automaticity it’s okay to mess up every now and then because building better habits is not an all-or-nothing process