Why Work with me?

Do you want vitality, accountability, & life of passion, purpose, & success for yourself & others? You might be feeling stuck, experiencing fear, or overwhelmed about how to generate sustainable change. That’s where I can help. My passion and expertise support you with easy to apply tools and techniques to create a sustainable healthy daily routine. I am committed to providing you with connection, inspiration, motivation, and support. I am a catalyst in helping you make stronger neural pathways to develop a healthier, more active lifestyle that is easy to apply to your daily life! Kimberly blends psychology, human physiology and neuroscience to show how simple practices can dissolve your feelings of fear and open you up to a life with more joyous experiences by creating a nurturing daily routine. She supports you to achieve health, happiness, and motivation by blending science with practical tools. “Do you want to enjoy your life instead of just surviving it? Don’t lose your curiosity, explore your emotions; it involves learning self-awareness and emotional-self-regulation skills.” 

Practice skills to build lasting inner strengths such as purposeful action, clarity, confidence, emotional courage, presence, resilience, and self-compassion? Don’t get stuck in automatic, reaction patterns of behaviors and thoughts. You can learn skills to shift your perspective to find possibilities within your challenges, deepen your personal growth and cultivate a life with purpose and joy. 

Every day you have multiple opportunities to be more aware of the choices you are making and how you are choosing to live our life. When we begin to pay attention to our present moment experience with curiosity and take a journey inward, we open the door to greater aliveness, embodiment, and connection with ourselves and ultimately, with others. 

About Me 

From a state of awareness, I am learning to be present with my emotions, and pause to notice I have a choice of how I show up in the world, no need to react. I made a commitment to no longer live a life of disembodiment, I was disconnected from my body, in which I was often exercising, disconnected from my body, shopping, and cleaning to mask physical sensations, feelings to suppress thoughts. 

It was time for me to change, to be gentle and playful while I began to inquire into how I relate internally to myself to begin to live life more fully, engage more deeply, always with a backdrop of relaxation and safety. 

“My journey has led me to create a gentle and playful way to approach life. You will learn the power of the pause.” 

I have grown up worrying about other people while overlooking my own self-actualization. I realized, over the years, I had become more and more distant from my own authenticity, my purpose, and my passion. It has been a process to reconnect with my true self. And to get a handle on how I behave as a result of how I feel, otherwise, I was not going to know me, I’m going to be in resentment against my kids, I’m going to be feeling “poor me,” I’m going to be in that space of expectation and resentment, which is a pernicious cycle.